Need Our Help? Please Let Us Know!

Option 1: eCoach Copy-of-new.png

  • Did you know that eCoach allows you to access the custom Northern Light Health Clinical Informatics education library from inside Powerchart and FirstNet?
  • There are two ways to access eCoach from PowerChart/FirstNet:
    • Option 1: eCoach is in the Organizer Tool Bar (the same tool bar that contains Care Compass, Ambulatory Organizer, etc.). If it's not face-up, click the drop-down arrow at the right of this tool bar to find it.
    • Option 2: eCoach is in the seventh position in the View drop-down menu above the tool bars. 
  • Click the Minutes Ago button on the right to refresh the Recent Actions section in the left-most column to pull in content relating to the areas of the patient's chart most recently accessed.
  • eCoach is divided into various sections based on roles and content topics.

Option 2: CI Assistance Request Form 

  • Did you know you can reach out to our team, directly, through the Self-Service Portal?
  • Click the Self-Service Portal button on the Home Page and then select the I need personal assistance with Cerner/Meditech option.  This launches a quick form, so you can let us know what you need.
  • A member of our team will receive the request and reach out to you to help!
  • Please note that, if you are not sure whether it’s something a CI can help with, you may be better off to call the Help Desk or use the Open a Ticket option, instead.  The IS Help Desk is staffed 24/7 and they can triage your need to the most appropriate team.

Option 3: Ask an Education Question in PromisePoint 

  • You can now browse our library of frequently asked questions in the Ask an Education Question feature in PromisePoint.  Since CI isn’t staffed around the clock, this is your gateway to CI, no matter the hour.
  • If you don’t find an answer, you can send your question directly to our team using the Ask an Education Question feature in PromisePoint.  Questions will be answered by the next business day.

Option 4: Open a Help Desk Ticket

  • Anytime you are unsure whether your ticket should go to CI or you have an urgent need outside business hours, the IS Help Desk is the Gold Standard for getting help.
  • You may call the Help Desk 24/7 at 207.973.7728 or 888.827.7728.
  • If your request is not urgent, you may also use the Open a Ticket option on the Self-Service Portal.